Straight Guys Take The Bait # 2

Straight Guys Take The Bait # 2 Porn Video Art

These straight guys get talked into taking their bromance to the next level. See them get turned out like the bro` hos they really are. It`s not executive pressure, merely a little friendly persuasion, and next thing you know, Voila, they`re working cocks in a bro`thel! So much for that whole straight bit. There is an old adage, 'Straight guys are just gay guys who haven't seen a cock big enough to satisfy them.' Okay, so maybe that isn't an old adage, but it sure the fuck applies here! In Straight Guys Take the Bait Vol. 2, Male Spectrum has found 5 new pieces of sculpted straight-bait who are persuaded to go gay and get their mouths and assholes perpetrated by a pudgy pecker! A little assurance and a little lube is all that was required for the transformation from hetero to homo, turning these pussy pounders into champion cock chuggers!

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