Cum Swallowing Pigs 2009

Director: Sebastian Sloane
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Mason and bubble-butt Brandon have spent all day Saturday together, and had a pretty good time, but I have invited three guys over for a freaky five-way. As the tape starts Mason decides to share a shower with Brandon, which becomes a steamy make-out session, as the guys munch ass, suck cock and kiss passionately. You could tell Mason was wanting to fuck his buddy, but they had to save it for the arriving company. Soon a knock at the door brings in black guy Pierce, goateed Gabriel and new guy, lean muscular an oh-so-dark Mark Kent. Mason and Brandon settle in on the bed while the other three guys perch on the couch. In no time Gabriel is helping his black companions get hard, and those three start kissing and petting as well. On the bed, Mason has pulled down Brandon's underwear and has started tonguing his ass. The camera, of course, gets all of this action up-close and personal. The guys on the couch have started a mini-orgy, with newcomer Mark, shy at first, really warming up to Gabriel's tongue on his big dick. Soon the bed boys join the three-way on the couch, and for about twenty minutes or so we have uninterrupted kissing, rimming and sucking, with all five guys playing in a lude and lascivious manner. At one point each guys has kissed the other one, as well as sampled their cock and precum. Soon Mason moves the party to the bed, where the five guys become a tangle of arms and legs, some black and some white, with everyone's hand busy on a cock or ass. Gabriel gets the idea of opening the sofa bed, and all five guys submerge there, with all the guys taking turns tonguing or fucking Brandon's ass. In the end three of the guys shoot on Brandon's chest, with Brandon forcing his load into Gabriel's mouth. A fucking hot five-way, where, to paraphrase Rodney King, "we all get along."

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