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In Scene 1, Anconio, Andrey and Poax are in a Brazilian sex hotel with one dude tied up and the other two mocking him by spitting water in his face and feeling him up. They take him down and he sucks their cocks. He sucks one dude's cock while the other lubes up his ass and fucks him doggy style. Then the other dude bends over and takes it up the ass in doggy style, and sitting. Two guys shoot their cum on one man's face. In Scene 2, Juan Pablo & Renzo star in a scene that starts with Nacho cruising for a male escort in the streets of Brazil. They pick up a young looking guy. A muscular, dark skinned Brazilian strips the young dude in an apartment. Muscle guy makes the young guy suck his dick. The young guy is bent over a toilet stool while the darker man fingers his ass. On a couch, the darker dude uses a butt plug and sex toy to fuck the young dude's ass. After a round of cock sucking, the young dude mounts the darker man for a sitting fucking, then he takes it doggy style before a cum shot on the chest. In Scene 3, Santiago Perez and Junior Carioca star in a scene where Nacho is looking for a male escort on the streets of Brazil. The dude gets a plastic bag over his head then sucks cock. The dude lays back and eats ass. Then he is bent over and fucked with a butt plug. He is fucked doggy style and in missionary before they jerk off on their chests. In Scene 4, Gabriel and Felix Stalbach star in a scene high over Sao Paulo, Brazil. One dude goes down on a dark skinned man on the roof. Downstairs, the dude gets bent over doggy style, fingered, and fucked in doggy, sitting, and missionary before mutual masterbation until ejaculation. In Scene 5, Andre Garcia & Andrey star in a scene by a pool in a Brazilian sex hotel. Andre makes Andrey suck his dick, then fucks him doggy style, sitting, and missionary. Both cum on Andrey's chest.


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