Casper shares his favorite food group with Gideon and Tristan. Tristan is an old friend of Casper's, who he invites over to meet Gideon. Once he gets there the three guys share the stories of their first time with a guy, steamy tales of locker rooms and straight strip clubs. All three guys get a bit horny listening, as well as from watching each other suck on blow pops. Casper, horniest of all, strips to his underwear to show the guys a trick. He sits in front of them on the table and starts to finger himself, pushing aside the straddle of his underwear, eventually inserting the blow pop up his sweet asshole. When he pulls it out he offers it to Gideon to suck on. Soon Tristan and Gideon are flanking Casper, with all three guys exchanging blow pops and shoving them up Casper?s ass. Soon Gideon is undressing, allowing his 9? cock to flop out, hard. He sits on the couch and calls Tristan over. Gideon then pours Pixie Stix dust onto his cock, having Tristan lick it off. All the while Gideon?s lips are turning red from his sucker. Soon all three boys are naked and kissing, as well as rimming and sucking. Casper lays Gideon on his back on the table and shoves red twizzlers up his ass. Gideon winces as the sweet string goes up his ass. Then Casper reaches down and pulls it out with his mouth, offering the sweet end to Tristan, who gobbles up the stick. Casper then pours pop rocks on Gideon?s chest, and when he licks them they make that familiar buzz. Soon the three guys are on the couch, sucking and playing, rubbing the blow pops on each other?s hard cocks and nipples. Soon Tristan is bent over and taking Gideon?s huge cock up his ass while he sucks Casper?s sweet cock. Eventually Tristan and Casper both shoot their loads on each other, leaving Gideon to finish his load. Both men play with his beautiful body as they watch him shoot a giant load. Then what do they do? They rub their blow pops through the white cum, feeding the pops to each other, slowly kissing as the cum dances between their lips. That Casper is one hot fuck!


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